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Importance of Custom Resistors

Custom resistors have a broad range of use in our day to day lives and we all must be aware of this. It thus goes without saying that we literally cannot do anything without the use custom resistors. For better understanding of the applications of resistors, it is key to understand certain fundamental concepts about electricity.

Electrical energy is generated when electron flow unidirectionally through a conductor. Electrons are the fundamental building blocks of electric energy. Electrical devices known as resistors are important when there is a need to regulate the amount of electricity flowing in a circuit by the use of resistance. The applications for these devices are multifaceted as we shall discuss below.

Timers can be used for a number of real-life use cases but they cannot be created without using resistors. In this regard, the resistor has to be wired together with a capacitor so that it can serve the purpose of a timer. The many day to day uses of lighting flashers, auto sirens and many other timing mechanisms rely on this mechanism. For timing to occur, the underlying factor is that the capacitor must be filled with some amount of charge which is regulated by the capacitor.

Capacitors are made to hold electric charge thus by regulating the amount of electricity that goes into them using custom resistors, we can decide the time that is needed to feel a given capacitor with electric charge. The energy that is stored in a capacitor is only released once the capacitor is full and this completes the cycle of the timing mechanism. The sequences are repeated depending on the amount of electricity passed through the resistor.

Finally, to ensure that there is the division of voltage that is dissipated across the components of an electrical circuit, it is imperative that there is the use of custom resistors. The voltage in this regard is divided when it is passed through resistors of either equal or different values of resistance. The need for this is to ensure that appliances that cannot directly be connected to the main owing to their low power ratings are powered. By ensuring that there is a balance between the current that flows in the electrical circuit and the corresponding resistance that is added to it, different voltage outputs can be obtained for any connection that may need to make use of this voltage division mechanism. Resistor connection of this kind is what is called a daisy chain. These daisy chains have been applied in different electrical appliances.

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