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January 6, 2019 Off By Terry

Know Some of the Weirdest Names of Marijuana Strain

There are more than 13,000 marijuana strains that are known and these would entail a lot of naming to do. You can then read more below to know some of the strain names that are both weird and funny ones.

If you are among those who would still like to function in life even while high, introducing here first are the sativa marijuana strains. You may have learn about dog shit strain, and as good for productivity is the first weird name for this strain called poochie love. This one is a mixture of PNW dog shit and face off strains that was bred by the archive seed bank.

Another weird name in this train comes from Jamaica as the name suggests lamb’s bread, coming from the Rasta religion meaning great ganja. Aside from an energizing strain, this strain soothes depression and a boost to one’s productivity, thus Jamaicans claim it as one of Bob Marley’s favorite strain.

Another strain called ghost train haze, received the famous award in 2012 called the most potent strain on earth award. Being on is ninth version, this super hybrid has its parents the ghost OG and Neville’s wreck strains, and this originated in Colorado.

Next is the rare dankness bred strain, which gives you a super high in energy because of its popular heavy resin content. Although the strain is great relief for pain, depression and can increase your appetite, this is not the strain for people with anxiety issues.

All the way from Hawaii is another weird name of the sativa strain called maui wowie, and this is described as tasting like ripe pineapples and is a high-energy strain. The strain came from the lower Nahiku Maui and is an old school strain donated by Bradda Joseph for breeding to be done by Pua Mana. Said to enhance your creativity and motivation, this strain is light-weight version of marijuana, and is sweet and upbeat thereby great for seizing the day.

Introducing indica marijuana’s weird names, which originated in Indiana, and is famous for its sedative characteristic. If your trip is to chill and relax at home, here are the names for your information.

A cross of tiger’s milk and starfighter is the crouching tiger hidden alien. Even with just a small amount, this indica strain is great for stirring up creativity, has a little spicy taste and will knock you out on your feet. Also, because of its heavy handed sedation effects, this strain is said to be ideal to sleep at night.