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Ways Of Making Money By Selling Extra Diabetic Test Strips.

Some people receive more than enough strips from their suppliers. The reason as to why the supplier will send extra strips is because they do not want you to miss any tests simply because you do not have any strips. In some other occasions suppliers might continue supplying strips even when you no longer need them. The other reasons you might have unused diabetic strips is when you change diabetic testing meters. This is majorly done because the doctor advised you to do so. People who have been taking the tests for a longer time have more strips.

Even though many people might not know this, unused diabetic strips can make you some money. There are many places you can sell your diabetic strips within your locality. If you no longer need the strips do not keep them. Why throw away strips when you can make money out of it. Selling strips is not prohibited by the law. Many people would like to buy your strips. Some buyers are cons. You should be careful not to make this type of mistakes.

The best way to sell your strips is through online. The first thing that any seller should do is finding how much the strips are worth. The price at which the buyer will buy your strip is on their websites and they also have a calculator to help you establish its true value. This will help you know how much money you should expect at the end of the day. There are application forms which should be filled on the website. The method of payment that you prefer should also be included. It is the duty of the buyer to mail you the shipping label. They can also opt to send you a mailing kit and a label.

Delivery fee is not paid by the person selling the strips but by the buyer. Labeling g the shipping box is crucial after you have loaded all the boxes that contain the diabetic test strip. After packing and labeling the next step will be dropping the box in the post office or giving it to a carrier. Deliveries usually take two to seven days. You will only receive your money after delivery has been made. The money will only be disbursed of the buyer is sure that the expiry dates have not passed already. If they have not expired, you will receive your payment. PayPal is the common method for making payments. Some people will also receive a check which is processed within three days.

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